Anti-fracking Action Call-out.

Below is a very brief statement written by one of the people involved with the resistance to fracking at Leith Hill in Surrey. Members of the Anarchist Federation’s Surrey & Hampshire Group are involved with the protest and we are trying to encourage other revolutionary anarchists to help spread the word and get stuck in.

“Europa Oil & Gas are nearing the end of the legal process giving them permission to carry out unconventional drilling in the Surrey Hills, despite massive community opposition. A phase of direct action is likely to begin once the site traffic starts to arrive in October. If you’d like to find out more, see the Leith Hill Protection Camp Facebook page or come and visit the Leith Hill Protection Camp which is in Coldharbour Lane near Dorking, opposite the intended drill site. If you’d like to join the camp, please visit first to meet the core crew.”

Leith Hill Protection Camp:

Coldharbour Lane. Dorking. RH4 3JW.

Rail Station: Holmwood. Trains go from London Victoria.




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