Where were you?

32116301_1737654466280548_7517205534173298688_nSurrey and Hampshire Anarchist Federation Statement on the so called “Day for Freedom” and the reaction to it.  

On Sunday (06/05/18) fascists converged on Whitehall for the so called “Day for Freedom” event organised by well know islamophobe Tommy Robinson.

The response of revolutionaries to this event was characterized by apathy and negligence. It seems as though anarchists, socialists and communists saw fit to leave opposition to this event to a handful of dedicated anti-fascists.

Dedicated anti-fascists who may have been outnumbered by more than 20 to 1. Some suggested that the fascist event may have drawn as many as 4000 whereas the counter demo managed to draw as few as 180.

The result of this was that antifascists could do nothing to disrupt Tommy’s event
and instead were forced to do their best to defend the Stand Up to Racism counter demonstration.

The counter demonstration was entirely peaceful yet it was physically attacked on two separate occasions by large mobs of fascist thugs who broke away from the “Day for Freedom” march.

These attacks caused a number of injuries but were bravely resisted.

Tommy Robinson was not only accompanied by thugs who eagerly attacked peaceful anti racism protesters he was also accompanied by various Alt Right celebrities and the leader of UKIP. This collective of scum were supported by a number of fascist groups. Prominent NF activists were spotted as were ex members of the nazi Combat 18 and the Racial Volunteer force as well other nazis from the Pie and Mash Squad. Both Kek and generation identity flags were seen as were a number of supporters of the Democratic FLA and For Britain.

This was a huge convergence of the most vile racists and fascist in the country and one of the biggest racist mobilisations in years. Yet tens of thousands of revolutionaries failed to attend leaving the anti fascists who did massively out gunned and in real danger.

To often have we been happy to leave the business of opposing fascism to a dedicated minority of activists. This is not only a strategy which is insufficient to effectively combat the international fascist resurgence, it also robs the broader movement of self determination when it comes to opposing fascism. If we are committed to revolution, then we must be prepared to oppose the fascist counter revolution through either involving ourselves in dedicated anti fascist groups or by prioritising antifascism in our organisations.

The great antifascist victories of Cable street and Lewisham were not won by a small anti fascist clique but by mass mobilisations of the working class.

To achieve such victories again we must get active both as individuals and as organisations. We must agitate in our communities to put our beliefs front and centre of street politics. Fascism can not be defeated from the bedroom or via facebook. We can not win the class war if we don’t take to the streets. We must stop using online arguments and obscure memes as a substitute for activism. We have to get active, we have to turn up and we have to take responsibility for ridding our communities of fascism.
No pasaran.

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when hardly anyone is willing to give himself up to a righteous cause?”

Sophie Scholl


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